• Always fresh
  • Live snails
  • Parboiled snails
  • Frozen snails
  • Our snails are a 100% natural product, and are not sourced from farms.They are raised in extensive production.  They only feed on weeds and grasses that grow in their natural habitat, and are not given any feedstuff or any other type of artificial feeding. This breeding method means that our snails are a very healthy product, retaining all its protein characteristics and with the supply of minerals intact.

    To this exceptional raw material we add the professional care of the technical team at Los Abuelos Caracoles. Given that it is a living product, raised naturally in its environment, we must ensure that its storage and transportation is efficient. The almost 40 years of experience we have at Los Abuelos Caracoles is our guarantee of this. The control of the temperature, humidity and well-being of the animal is key throughout the whole process.

    Our snails undergo various health checks from their collection to final processing in the factory.  Once at our facilities the product is subjected to quality controls based on the HACCP system implemented at Los Abuelos Caracoles and supervised by the health authorities.

    We distribute snails alive, parboiled and frozen to restaurants all over Spain, Portugal and Italy. In large superstores we sell four types of snail (Mediterranean, Milk, Garden and Chocolate-band), alive, frozen, parboiled and cooked in six traditional recipes and made with 100% natural ingredients (a la hierbabuena, acarpachado, picantones del califa, en salsa Los Abuelos, a la castellana, al hinojo).